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“Absolutely Awesome! The facial experience was so relaxing and I walked away with a cleaner, smoother, healthier looking face. The back facial was superb! I can never reach my back to exfoliate or hydrate so this is definitely something everyone should try at least once! I will be back for more!“

L.G., Producer




“I have never had a facial before and my aesthetician was very helpful and explaining to me all the steps of treatment I was having. My skin feels smoother, looked more radiant and healthier. Like it was the first time it was breathing freely in a long time.“

M. Z.  



“I absolutely LOVE my Carabella Shea Butter and Soy Candle. I appreciate you using organic lines that you have tested and filtered through. I bought a great spa package and I can’t wait for the makeover. The staff here is the best!”

N.T. Actress/ Singer 



“I absolutely LOVE the Carabella Organics skincare products; the lotions, creams, and body polishes especially. This amazing Lucian has worked wonders for me. It’s me and softens my skin beyond anything I’ve ever experienced! Thank you Jennifer! “





"My name is Maria. I am 29 years old. I first came to Carabella for facial. My skin was sun damaged… big time! I absolutely loved my facial, and with the help of Jennifer and the team at Carabella, I signed up for (a series of) sun damage treatments. My skin looked so good after just one treatment, I will recommend them to anyone & everyone. I love the way my skin feels and mostly how it looks. Even my husband noticed the difference! 


I am so very happy with the results, I will continue to tell my friends & family how great I feel and how extremely happy I am with my results! Thank you to everyone at Carabella!!!”

M.C., Nurse



“Jennifer and the Carabella staff are so professional and caring. I really feel like my skin has greatly improved… but more importantly, I know what to do & how to handle my skin now. I love the organic skincare products that my Aesthetician has turned me onto. My face glowed because of her care. Is more than face care... it is a deeper aspect - caring for the entire person! Thank you!”

Dr. B.S.



“I came in to see Jennifer with a very negative feeling about the way my arms looked. I was hearing comments about my freckles and age spots and was very uncomfortable wearing short sleeves. After a few skin lightening treatments, my age spots were gone, the freckles lightened and my skin look younger, softer and smoother. The freckles I have left are smooth and kind of cute! Just feel so much better about myself. Thanks to Carabella, I have a much healthier image of myself and I’m not hiding my arms. I will be remembering my sunblock now!”

L.A., Nurse 




“ I came into Carabella to get my eyebrows styled. In talking to the Aestheticians about my skin, they explained their skin care. In just one month, the change in my skin is unbelievable! It has never felt better nor looked better. I will never use anything else! Thank you, Carabella!”

L.O., Actress 




“Dear Jennifer, 

I just wanted to thank you for making my skin looks fabulous! Before I started my microdermabrasion series, my face was blotchy,  uneven with dry patches that no moisturizer could fix. After my first visit, my skin was soft and glowing and the remaining visits evened out my skin tone (I am Black) got rid of the dry patches, softened out my old acne scars, reduced my poor size and most importantly, I can leave the house without foundation! I never would have dreamed of doing that just for a few weeks ago!! Thank you soooo much! 

P.S. Also, the skin care products are awesome!“ 

L.S., Manager 



“I started getting facial waxing from Jennifer years ago. When she suggested I get microdermabrasion to improve my skin, I kept putting it off, but finally had the treatments and WOW-I am a really satisfied customer! My friends say I look MUCH younger and my face looks great. 


Since I have great faith in Carabella products and treatments, I had to get cellulite treatments (Sudatonic) to get rid of mine. After 10 sessions, I have lost 1 1/2 “ in my hips and 1 1/3 “ in each thigh and am getting a waistline! Just three times a week and you’re on your way to looking and feeling terrific!“

D.H., Business Owner



“ I was so amazed at incredible results of the teen acne facials after only one treatment! My daughter’s skin was glowing and so much clearer. She used to prescribe chicken skin care products for a week and followed up with “Dr. Jennifer”. 


We got in the car to go to Carabella and I started to reprimand her for wearing make up to go have a facial. She said, “Mom, I’m not wearing any make up!” That shows how smooth her complexion was. (she had a severe case of acne with many lesions on her face). WE are just thrilled! Thanks a million!”

L.A., Nurse 




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