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A Bridal makeup Client

The Countdown…


3-6 months before:

Start looking at photos of bridal magazine models with similar coloring to your own, finding makeup styles that you feel best represent your desired look.


3 months before:

Choose a makeup artist within a comfortable driving distance as you may need one or more visits before the wedding. Look for a professional with a lot of wedding experience. Movie and TV experience sounds glamorous but the make up used is not created or applied for long-term wear to look natural, up close in person. Salon make up experience is valuable but sometimes doesn’t replicate the cramped quarters of a hotel room or Mom’s kitchen, and salons don’t generally book their make up clients every ½ hour on the hour.

Look for a vendor who is just as comfortable in a bathroom as in a professional make up studio. Don’t try to save money by going into a salon unless it is opening just for you. It is far better to have all vendors come to your location on your wedding day. Thus, you avoid poor weather, traffic snarl ups and other catastrophic “acts of God” on this most important day!

Gather up those photos and schedule a trial run with your vendor choices. Never use the same person for hair and make up if you have more than 4 people including yourself. Try to do the hair and makeup in the same day if you plan to use a different vendor for each. That way, you’ll see the completed picture. Wear a top that you can remove without going over your head and if possible, wear the same color top as your wedding dress.


If you’re thinking of going with someone you have worked with before or who was referred to you, still schedule a trial run. Perhaps for a party or as a bridesmaid the make up was acceptable, but now as the bride you should re-acquaint yourself with their technique and personality. Make sure that they listen to you and make you feel very safe and confident. After all, that is the person who will be with you, in close quarters, on what can be a nerve-wracking day. 


The make up used must be light feeling,long- lasting and not cause breakouts on your honeymoon, especially if it isn’t washed off (gasp!) after the reception has ended in the wee hours. Airbrush make up is quite popular for photos but it isn’t natural looking up front, it often rubs off and isn’t always made with natural ingredients. In hotter weather, it can be a problem.


Never give a deposit without getting a signed contract! Unfortunately, some make up artists have been known to dump their brides last minute for pricier TV or film jobs! You always get a contract with us!


This is a good time to start growing out shaved underarms, legs and bikini areas so that waxing can be started. After 2 or 3 waxes, those areas will be done quickly & smoothly right up to the wedding week. Look for an Aesthetician who uses natural waxes and who numbs you before waxing. It makes all the difference between agony and a great waxing experience. No need to shave on your honeymoon! Find an expert brow stylist and start getting your brows in shape. Perfect brows do more for enhancing a face than does all the make up in the world!


One month before:

Only a make up artist who is also an Aesthetician can legally wax your brows, lip or perform any Aesthetic services on you. Remember, a perfect face requires a perfect canvas. Now is a good time to start a program for perfect wedding day skin. A good Aesthetician can do a simple facial the week of the wedding to exfoliate and tone good skin. A GREAT Aesthetician can plan out a program over 4 weeks to handle any skin conditions that would otherwise detract from a clear, perfect face and body. A deep cleansing facial a month before followed by a series of light peels will greatly reduce the appearance of acne or scars. An aromatherapy body polish will remove months of dead, dull dry skin and make it easier to wax and to self tan if desired.


The week before:

Get a lash tint, so that your lashes look fuller and darker for the honeymoon, or get eyelash extensions. Get your bikini brazilian or playboy waxed. Get a spray- on or hand applied tan. Don’t go to a tanning salon as there’s a chance you’ll burn. There is no such thing as a base tan and any makeup artist can use a bronzing powder or crème on your shoulders, decolette’ and arms.. Don’t risk red, peeling skin on your wedding day.


The week of:

This is when you get your last brow styling and facial and recheck your foundation color and your bridal party gets their facial waxing and custom blended foundation created. Do these no closer than 3 days before the wedding (except for bridal party members who are coming from out of town).


The night before:

Try not to drink alcohol or eat salty foods the night before your wedding; (It’s better to have the rehearsal dinner two nights before). Get 7 or more hours sleep. Don’t take any sleeping drugs, try vitamin B1, melatonin or a soothing tea to help you sleep. Don’t wash hair, updos work better when it’s slightly dirty. Conditioner makes the pins slip out.


The day of:

Stay relaxed and let your wedding consultant, Maid of Honor and the Moms handle any last minute problems. Eat well, stick with protein and stay away from sugar. Drink liquids sparingly as you get closer to getting dressed, as it’s very hard to go to the bathroom once you’re in your gown. Don’t drink alcohol, you need to be in control and you’ll want to remember this day!

Don’t over moisturize your skin. Your makeup artist should have a special moisturizer and/or make up primer that will be less greasy and will matte the face for photos. Make sure everyone is in a button-down shirt or any top that can be slipped off the body and not over the head. Hair usually gets done before the make up so make sure that you scheduled the hair stylist to show up first so that the makeup artist has someone to start on when they arrive and set up. The Moms and the Maid of Honor should go first. You should go next to last, there is time to finish the wedding party while you are getting dressed. Have all your bridesmaids there but schedule the ones with children last so that the kids aren’t bored and don’t make a distraction. Get any children in the wedding party dressed and ready last, including junior bridesmaids and flower girls.


Have fun!!

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