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Bridal FAQs

Q: How soon before my wedding should I get a facial?

A: While every face is different and so are skin therapists, I suggest that if you need extractions or a peel, you have your facial no closer than 4 days before your wedding or any special occasion. Generally it takes 72 hours for your skin to come into it’s full beauty after skin treatments such as peels, microdermabrasion or LED treatments. 4 days should also be sufficient for your face to heal if extractions are done. This advice is also applicable for facial waxing.


Q: I want my face to look perfect for my photos but it will be really hot on my wedding day and I’m afraid I’ll sweat it all off on my dress. What should I use?

A: The best foundations are those created with pure minerals. These products are sun blocks in themselves with a range between 15 and 28 depending on which one you use. Mineral foundations are sweat and tear resistant, won’t clog your pores, have little to no weight on your face and photograph naturally. I prefer them to conventional foundations and use three different kinds depending on my bride’s skin and preference: sheer tint, liquid powder and custom blended mineral powder.


Q: My bridesmaids can’t agree on having hair and makeup done and I am afraid to “force” them. Help!

A: When you asked your best girlfriends or family members to be your attendants they knew that there were certain responsibilities and requirements that you would ask of them. If their dresses, shoes and jewelry are matching, then it stands to reason that you and they would want their makeup to be consistent and professional as well. Most girls are not professionals when it comes to makeup that needs to be strong enough for the camera and yet look natural up close AND last 8-10 hours. The girls that never wear makeup need professional help the most, since they will either show up with nothing (ugh!) or give themselves over to the salesgirls at the mall makeup counters. Either way, as they’ll most likely need their brows professionally styled and their makeup done correctly, chances are that they will get both by using the pro that you hire. If you have bridesmaids or parents coming in from out of town, it is even more imperative (and gracious) that you arrange for a makeup and hair stylist to take care of them. As a last note, your photos and video are the only things that are permanent memories of your special day. How you and your wedding party look is not the thing to scrimp on, so go ahead and pay for any girls who cannot and see where else you can save money. Most of the brides I know have loved having all their attendants together before the wedding and the girls loved seeing each other getting beautiful.


Q: How soon before my ceremony should my makeup be done?

A: Generally, the groom’s side takes photos while the bridal party is getting ready and most photographers that I have worked with didn’t need more than 1 1/2 hours with the bride’s side before the ceremony started. Many brides like photos taken while they and their wedding party are getting made up, so the photographer either has assistants to cover the groom’s side or goes back and forth. In any case, I usually count backwards from the start of photos giving 1/2 hour for each wedding party member and 1 hour for the bride. So if you have 4 bridesmaids and your wedding is at 6 PM with photos at 4:30PM then I’d add in 1/2 hour for you to get dressed in/travel to photos and counting backwards, I’d start the first person at approx. 1 PM. Don’t forget the hair person has to have someone ready for makeup to start on, so they usually arrive about an hour before makeup.

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