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You ain't nuthin but a hounddog...

One of the first signs of aging for many people is sagging jowls, you know, where your face appears to be falling? There are solutions that don't involve cutting, inserting thread, or "hidden" tape that pulls your features sideways! One of the best methods of facial toning, that also stimulates collagen and elastin is microcurrent. Microcurrent improves neck and facial muscle tone by lifting and reeducating the muscles to remain in a lifted position. This works on the neckline, cheek and brow muscles especially well. Because of this lifting, your wrinkles, fine lines can look erased and your facial circulation is greatly improved!

Microcurrent uses a very low level of electricity that mirrors our body's electrical currents and the machine has many output levels so that everyone remains comfortable. There is no muscular twitches or pain. The current encourages natural collagen and elastin production at a cellular level. Microcurrent results are cumulative and long-term results are real. The facials are done in 10- 12 treatment packages, 2xs weekly for 4 weeks and then 1x weekly for the remaining 2-4 treatments. Your face will look tighter, lifted and refreshed, even after the first treatment!

Thanks to Lisa Stewart, SoliaSpa and her references!

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